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Blank (Oliver Augst/ Rüdiger Carl/ Christoph Korn) meets (Raymond) Pettibon (02.2003)

The Frankfurt Trio Blank encounters classic improvisation with the sure-footed and subversive gesture of contemporary anarchism. They work on small forms; out of songs, elements of pop music, noise and theatrics (in the true sense of the word) they cut out strange miniatures of free improvisation. Clarinetist and multi-instrumentalist Rüdiger Carl, FMP veteran from the very beginning, has already proven this "coolness" in various groups of his own (with Cowws, in duo with Red Krayola mastermind Mayo Thompson, with the artists Albert and Markus Oehlen). That he met the Frankfurt text, theory and stage worker Oliver Augst (electronics, voice) and Christoph Korn (electric guitar) five years ago was only logical. All three curate the already legendary Pol Festival in the Frankfurt Mouson-Turm and, above all, have released an excellent CD on FMP in 2000.
Their music is direct, dynamic, expressive, without thereby perpetuating once again the dead history that is inherent in the adapted cliches. They not only get the form into their music, but they re-liquefy it; they do not understand the citation as citation, but as material.
In the fall of 2001, they met the American art star Raymond Pettibon in Cologne's Philharmonic concert hall. (To punks Pettibon is no unknown. He drew the Black Flag and Minutemen covers in the 80's.). Pettibon was awarded the Wolfgang Hahn prize from the friends and supporters of the Ludwig Museum. Museum director Kaspar König wanted an appropriate music accompaniment and invited Blank. They, in turn, grabbed Pettibon and worked with the otherwise so introverted artist on a group performance. And of course, everything ended up in a wild improvisation in which Pettibon played the animator and inspirer. This CD is really a full quartet recording! Pettibon did the cover work, and in addition, his notes and text fragments are printed.
Blank meets Pettibon is a gripping hardcore-improvisation (that even gives us a smash hit, "We're an American Band!") and documents the highly controversial complete performance in the Cologne Philharmonic concert hall-after 20 minutes everything was over. Every wish had been fulfilled.

Oliver Augst (also on GROB653, GROB657)

Rüdiger Carl (also on GROB542, GROB650, GROB653)

Christoph Korn (also on GROB653, GROB657)

Raymond Pettibon

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